Pro-Link Odor Lock Urinal and Drain Treatment, 1 Quart

Pro-Link Odor Lock Urinal and Drain Treatment, 1 Quart


Odor Lock is a bio-based and biodegradable replacement fluid  treatment for the cartridges found in waterless urinals. As the original liquid seal barrier dissipates over time, simply replenish by pouring Odor Lock directly into the cartridge – then let Odor Lock do the rest.


Odor Lock floats on top of urine, water, and other liquids to create an effective seal that locks out the offensive odors that come back up through the drain. Odor Lock extends the life of your waterless urinal cartridges and deodorizes the area with a fresh cucumber melon scent. 


•    Locks air out of the drain to prevent the creation of odors
•    Locks sewer gases and smells in the drain
•    Creates a protective barrier between the user
and the fluids in the drain
•    Locks in savings on cartridge replacements
•    Eco friendly; bio-based and biodegradable
•    Will not evaporate up to 100°F

  • Instructions:

    Wear gloves and chemical resistant safety glasses when working with product.

    For Waterless Urinals:

    1) Pour 3 ounces of Odor Lock directly into holes of trap to fill filter cartridge.

    2) Refill as needed.

    3) Each 3 ounce application lasts for approximately 1,500 uses.


    For Drains:

    1) For initial treatment, preferably at the end of the day when the flow is at a minimum, fill drain with water.

    2) Slowly pour 16 ounces of Odor Lock into drain.

    3) For maintenance pour 8 ounces per month into drain.

    4) After a large flow pour 8 ounces into drain.


    For Sump Pumps:

    1) Pour enough Odor Lock in sump to provide a 1” layer.

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