Pro-Link Grout Brightener, 1 Gallon

Pro-Link Grout Brightener, 1 Gallon

Second step in a complete grout cleaning system
● A concentrated, highly active formulation of synergistic
acids that brighten and restore light colored grout to a
“like new” appearance
● Pleasant mint scent

  • SDS Information

  • Instructions:

    Wear gloves and chemical resistant safety glasses when working with product.

    Prior to applying Grout Brightener

    1) On colored grout, pre-test in an inconspicuous area to ensure no discoloration
    2) Do not allow Grout Brightener to come into contact with chrome or brass fixtures.
    3) Use after a thorough cleaning and rinsing with Grout Cleaner.

    Applying Grout Brightener
    1) Mix 1 part Grout Brightener with 5 parts water in an acid pump sprayer.
    2) Spray solution on grout and allow 5 minutes dwell time.
    3) Scrub grout thoroughly with a low speed floor machine
    equipped with a Nylo-Grit type brush (must have uneven
    length bristles or a cylindrical brush scrub machine).
    4) Pick up used solution and rinse with clean water.