Pro-Link Grout Cleaner, 1 Gallon

Pro-Link Grout Cleaner, 1 Gallon

The first step in a complete grout cleaning system. A concentrated cleaner with a special formulation of alkali, water-soluble solvents and detergents that penetrates dirt, grime, scum and grease. After application and scrubbing, Pro-Link grout cleaner suspends the soils in a solution that is easily picked up with a wet/dry vacuum.
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  • Instructions:

    Wear gloves and chemical resistant safety glasses when working with product.

    1)    Mix 1 part Grout Cleaner with 5 parts water in a pump sprayer.
    2)    Spray floor area liberally with solution and allow 5 minutes dwell time.
    3)    Scrub grout with a low speed floor machine and a Nylo-Grit type brush
    or a cylindrical type brush machine. Repeat scrubbing action in all directions for a thorough cleaning.
    4)    Pick up used solution and rinse with clean water.

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