SOP Chlorinated Disinfecting Tablets

SOP Chlorinated Disinfecting Tablets

Amazing product for public spaces, like hospitals, schools, gyms, etc.

- *Sold by cases*

- Case of 120 tablets


There are two types of Cholrine

  • Bleach chlorine
  • Sodium dichlor (like the chlorine in a pool) (this product)


Main question is would you swim in a pool filled with bleach?  Of course not, but you would swim in a pool filled with chlorine!  This is the chlorine that is same:

  • PH 7, neutral
  • Does NOT affect “most” allergies and asthma
  • EPA approved
  • Does NOT require PPE to use
  • Maintains efficacy for 24hrs in an open container
  • Maintains efficacy for 3 days in a closed container


This product is not just a bleach alternative, but a:

  • Food grade sanitizer
  • Health grade disinfectant
  • Fungicide


The key to accessing the strength of the tablet is correct dilution and dwell time.  This product has a 3 year shelf life.  First, let dissolve for 4 minutes, do NOT stir or mix.


There are 4 ways to best deliver this product:

  • Electrostatic Sprayer, by far the most effective way to disinfect or sanitize.  Works like a car paint gun, wrapping around surfaces, non-stacking positive charge.  Retails for $699.  Can disinfect 3 classrooms in 15 minutes with 1 fill of the tank and one tablet! (2,800 sqft)
  • Buddy Jug, 20 quarts of food grade sanitation solution.  1 tablet per 5 gallons or less of water.
  • Mop bucket, “Do your mops get smelly?”  1 table in a 5 gallon mop bucket will kill the bacteria on mops eliminating the odor and spread of bacteria.  Maintains the efficacy.
  • 3rd sink, in restaurants or kitchens.  This created an EPA non-rinse food grade sanitizer.  10 or 15 gallons / 1 tablet per 5 gallons.  Does NOT leach out


Some may be hesitate, because they use a wall mount dispensing system.  That is fine:

  • Wall mounts occasionally go down, this is a ready to go option
  • No mixing necessary, drop a tablet in a spray bottle and you have a disinfectant


Odors are a big problem, we don’t want to cover them up with a pretty smell.  We want to kill the source of the problem, the source of the smell.  This product does just that.


The disinfectant health grade dilution can kill so many dangerous viruses:

  • 1 tablet / quart with dwell time of 4 minutes WILL kill things like; flu, NORA, etc.
  • 2 tablets / quart with dwell time of 4 minutes WILL kill things like; MRSA, Cdif, etc.
  • It does KILL, not just close the green color spor, of mold and mildew


EPA REGISTERED USES: For use in amusement parks, breweries, beverage
and food processing plants, food processing and canning plants, bottling
plants, fish processing plants, meat and poultry processing plants, schools,
universities, hospitals, neo-natal units, physicians/pediatricians offices, office
buildings, nursing homes, elder care centers, child care centers, daycares,
shelters, cafeterias, diners, eating establishments, institutional dining
establishments, hotel restaurants, food service stores, shops, camp sites,
casinos, movie theaters, industrial facilities, military installations, licensed
care facilities, institutions, catering, kitchens, vending machines, Intensive
Care Unit, ICU operating rooms, emergency waiting rooms dental facilities,
gyms, locker room facilities, health clubs, restrooms, Tattoo parlors,
manicure pedicure salons, commercial laundries, Portable Water Treatment,
prisons. This product is for use in hospitals, medical and dental offices and
clinics, operating rooms, isolation wards, and medical research facilities.
Cosmetic, pharmaceutical, medical device manufacturing facilities,
biotechnology firms, pharmacies, and compounding pharmacies.

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